My Journey in Abidjan

Came back from a great trip to the Ivory Coast. It was pretty short and productive. The reason for my trip was to reopen our second location which is in Abidjan, one of the main cities. I was there to train my team and launch our full line of products which will be available in […]

The Unique History of Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)

Four tocopherols and four tocotrienols make up vitamin E, which is a collection of eight fat-soluble vitamins. Alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically active form of vitamin E, and it’s the one we’ll talk about in this article. While vitamin E (-tocopherol) was discovered in 1922, but it wasn’t isolated and chemically analyzed until 1935, and […]

Wash and Go

Wash and Go✨I advised her to stop using any products with silicone and it shows in her hair. I did a haircut to create more volume and we used our favorite products.