We Love Styling Natural Hair & Locs
Welcome to Djea Natural Hair Salon in Conyers, GA!
Ready to style your natural hair or looking for a professional loctician for your locs?


Loc Maintenance – Wash, condition, and re-twist your locs. You can add a treatment to have a more deep moisture.
— $75 – $125

Interlock – Wash, and condition. We use a tool to retighten your Locs.
— $125 – and up depending on size

Loc Styling – Style your natural locs with a style that will last. An easy and low-maintenance way to maintain your locs.
— $25 – $55

Starter Locs – Start your loc journey at Djea. We will advise you and recommend the best technique for healthy locs.
— $125 – and up depending upon the technique 

Extension Locs – Looking to add more length to your locs? Book extension locs for beautiful natural looking locs.
— Price starts at $800

Faux Locs – Not sure if you’re ready to loc your natural hair? Why not try faux locs? A great alternative to traditional locs.
— $220 – $500

Loc Braid Style– Got a whole new way to wear your locs? Try our Loc Braid Style.
— $25 – and up

Loc Two Strand Twist – Ready to try something new? Book loc two-strand twist
— $55- and up

Loc Repair – If you experience some breakage with your locs , or need to reattach them. We can definitely repair your locs.
— $6 per loc

Micro locs maintenance – Micro locs are very small locs that are done with an interlocking method.
— starts at $175 – $300

Wick dreads – are a type of dreadlock made using a crocheting technique. This technique involves taking small sections of hair and wrapping them around a thin metal rod (called a loc needle or crochet hook) before tightly securing them with an elastic band.


Spiral Set – Great for the transitioning person who wants to blend her relaxed hair and natural textures.
— $100 – $145

Twist Style – Wear them as-is & then remove them a few days before your next wash for crinkles and waves.
— starts at $75

Two Strand Twist – Wear them as-is & then remove them a few days before your next wash for crinkles and waves.
— $85 – $125

Flat Twist – Beautiful flat twists are the perfect way to give your hair body and style. Wear them as is or release them for curls.
— $55 – $75

Silk Press – A beautiful silk press is a great way to change your style and see your true hair length.
— $100 – $145

Straw Set – Tiny curls that make a big pop! These small curls are perfect for all lengths.
— $85 – $120

Twist Updo – Twist updos & styled twists are a great protective style that will last.
— $70 – $90

Wash & Go – Wan’y to define your natural curls? Stop by Djea today.
— $65 – $85

Finger Coils – Let your beautiful natural curls pop with finger coils. These beautiful curls can last up to 3 weeks!
— $75 – $100

Natural Wedding Updo – Looking to rock your natural hair at a wedding? Here’s a beautiful wedding updo for you.
— $100 – $145

Shampoo + Blowdry – Looking good is always a good thing, but looking good and feeling great is even better. Book an appointment now.
— starts at $45 and up


Permanent Color – Great way to color grey hair or add a new permanent color to your hair
— $75 – and up

Permanent Color Add-On – Transform your hair with lasting, vibrant hues.
— $60 – $80

Semi Permanent – Great way to color hair. Contains no ammonia and lasts from 4 – 12 shampoos.
— $55 – and up

Half Highlights – Get natural foil highlights for beautiful curls. Starting price is for twenty (20) foils.
— $100 – $145

Full Highlights– Make your curls pop with full highlights. The perfect way to add dimension and color to your natural hair.
— $125- and up

Color Retouch– Just need the roots redone? Book a color retouch & bring back the color you want, where you want it.
— $50 – $70

Non-Ammonia Color Gloss – Our Non-Ammonia Color Gloss service is designed to enhance your natural radiance while providing a gentle, nourishing touch. Experience the best of both worlds – captivating color and hair health, all in one.
— $60 – $80

Color Lift – Our skilled professionals will work their magic, elevating your hair’s natural vibrancy or giving your current color a boost. Whether you desire a subtle change or a striking transformation, our Color Lift service is the key to achieving your desired look. Unveil a new you with a touch of color brilliance that’s sure to turn heads and boost your confidence.
— $40 – $60

Full Head Babylights – Our skilled stylists create delicate, natural highlights that brighten your entire head, adding a touch of sun-kissed elegance to your look. Elevate your hair with this subtle, yet stunning technique that complements any style and complexion.
— $150 – $190

Pintura (Chunky) – This bold and artistic technique adds a touch of drama and dimension to your locks. Our stylists expertly apply chunky highlights to create a striking, fashion-forward look that enhances your unique style. Turn heads and make a statement with Pintura (Chunky) highlights.
— $100 – $140

Partial Pintura (Chunky) – Embrace Expressive Dimension. Our stylists artfully apply chunky highlights to specific sections of your hair, creating a striking and personalized look. This technique adds depth and character to your style, making a bold statement while maintaining a touch of subtlety.
— $60 – $100

Clear Shine – It adds a brilliant, mirror-like shine to your locks while enhancing their natural color. This clear glossing technique not only rejuvenates your hair but also imparts a lustrous and radiant finish, leaving you with hair that looks healthy and stunning.
— $40 – $60

Loc Coloring– Give your locs a pop of color at Djea hair spa. Choose from our variety of colors & styles.
— $100 – and up

Color Correction -Price given at consultation. Book now for a 15 min consultation

Full Head Blonding – Our skilled professionals expertly craft a uniform, all-over blonde shade, creating a stunning and luminous look that complements your style and personality. Elevate your hair to new levels of radiance with Full Head Blonding.
— $140 – $180

Balayage – Effortless Elegance, Hand-Painted. Our Balayage technique is the epitome of chic and natural-looking highlights. Each strand is meticulously hand-painted, creating a seamless transition from your base color to a sun-kissed glow. Balayage adds depth, dimension, and a touch of artistry to your hair, resulting in a low-maintenance, high-impact look that radiates elegance and sophistication.
— $100 – $140

Color Removal -Want to go back to your natural hair color? We’ll help bring back your natural color.
— $100 – $145

Additional Foils -Need additional foils to make your highlights pop? Add as many as you need for only $5 per foil.
— $100 – $140 


Big Chop -Ready to go natural? Stop by and let one of our trained stylists help you start your hair journey.
— $35

Curly Cut – A beautiful cut to showcase your natural curls. Curly cut only. Does not include shampoo or style.
— $35

Hairline Clean Up – We meticulously shape and groom your hairline, ensuring clean, precise edges that frame your face beautifully. This service adds a polished touch to your hairstyle, enhancing your overall appearance with a fresh and tidy look.
— $15

Pixie Cut – This bold and versatile hairstyle features short, closely-cropped layers that accentuate your facial features. It’s a statement of confidence and style, exuding a fresh and modern charm. Perfect for those who embrace bold choices and desire a low-maintenance, high-impact look.
— $30

End Dusting – We delicately trim and refresh the tips of your hair, removing split ends and ensuring a healthy, polished appearance. It’s the perfect solution to maintain the integrity of your hair’s length and overall vitality, leaving you with ends that look and feel their best.
— $25

Hydration Treatment – Let us hydrate and steam your hair to a healthy & moisturized state. Add this treatment to your style for a treat!
— $18

Detox Treatment – Designed to cleanse and revitalize your scalp. Help balance the ph of your scalp and hair . This powerful formula effortlessly removes buildup, including stubborn silicon residues, ensuring your scalp is fresh and clean. It also stimulates blood circulation, enhancing nutrient delivery and promoting healthier hair growth. Embrace a cleaner, more invigorated scalp for optimal hair health.
— $45

Nourishing Treatment – A blend of natural goodies to revive your hair. Made from
plant extracts and oils, it’s gentle yet powerful. Feel its smooth touch as it brings life back to your locs and hair ,from top to bottom. Dull and dry hair? Not anymore. Our treatment gives you shiny, healthy hair that’s strong too. Treat yourself to our Nourish Treatment and let nature work
its magic on your hair.
— $30

Deep Conditioning – Specifically designed to
repair and rejuvenate damaged hair. This rich conditioner is a blend of pure, natural ingredients known for their restorative properties. Infused with essential oils and herbal extracts, it targets the signs of damage, from split ends to brittleness
— $35

Revitalizing Treatment – Replenishes your hair, stops breakage, and promotes healthy ends. Works great on colored or damaged hair.
— $35

Detangling (Per 30 min session) – Our expert detangling service is designed to liberate your hair from knots and tangles, making it easier to manage and style. In each 30-minute session, our skilled professionals gently and patiently work through your hair, leaving it smooth, manageable, and ready to shine.

— $35


Passion Twist – Add length & volume with a rope twist style to protect your natural hair – low maintenance service
— $220 – $500

Cornrows (with Added Hair) -Cornrows are a great way to protect & preserve your hair. Client must provide own hair.
— $90 – $130

Cornrows (No Added Hair) -An easy protective style that works with your natural hair.
— starts at $65

Box Braids (with Added Hair) -The perfect versatile protective hairstyle for everyday. Client must provide own hair.
— $160 – $190 

Braid Removal (No Added Hair) – Removing Braids can be a hassle. Sit back, relax, and let us do it for you!
— (Fees are Per Hour)

Braid Touch Up No Added Hair – Want fresh braids but don’t want to go through the process? We can make your braids look brand new.
— $160 – $190

Medium Braid – This versatile and timeless hairstyle features a braid of medium thickness, providing a classic yet chic look that suits various occasions. Whether you’re going for a casual day out or an elegant event, the Medium Braid offers an effortless and attractive choice.
— $60 – $100

Small Braid – This delicate and precise hairstyle features a slender braid that exudes elegance and sophistication. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of intricate hair design and desire a look that’s both intricate and charming.
— $70 – $110

Braid Touch-Up (1 to 2 hours) – Our skilled stylists are here to ensure your braids always look their best. In this personalized session lasting 1 to 2 hours, we meticulously inspect, tighten, and rework your braids, providing a revitalized and polished appearance. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and stunning braided style.
— $60 – $100

Kinky Twists (with Added Hair) -Enjoy the look of the two-strand twist and while protecting your natural hair. Client must provide hair.
— $210 – $500

Crochet Braids (with Added Hair) – Keep your hair protected with crochet braids. Client must provide hair.
— $160 – $190

Crochet Extension (Does Not Include Hair) – With this technique, we skillfully attach hair extensions using the crochet method, providing a versatile and natural look that suits various styles and preferences. Whether you’re aiming for longer locks or more abundant volume, our Crochet Extension service is your key to achieving the perfect hair transformation.
— $160 – $200

Nubian Twists (with Added Hair) – Gorgeous Nubian Twists compliments any face and brings out the queen in you! Client must provide hair.
— $210 – $500

Senegalese Twists (with Added Hair) – Senegalese twists are an elegant style for ladies of any age. Client must provide hair.
— $160 – $190

Spring Twists (with Added Hair) – A fun way to jazz up the look of a two-strand twist. Client must provide hair.
— $210 – $270

Quick Weave (with Added Hair) – This is a great protective hairstyle for the those who want to maintain the health of their hair. Client must provide hair.
— $100 – $140

Sew In Weave (with Added Hair) – This is a great protective hairstyle for those who want to maintain the health of their hair. The client must provide hair.
— $150 – $250

Weave Removal (with Added Hair) – Don’t feel like removing your sew-in on your own? Stop by and have one our stylists remove it for you.
— $160 – $190

Wig Installation w/Adhesive – Our skilled professionals ensure your wig sits perfectly, creating a natural appearance that seamlessly blends with your own hairline. Say goodbye to worries about your wig shifting or slipping, and hello to a confidently stunning look.
— $75 – $95

Wig Concealment – We meticulously blend and conceal the edges of your wig with your own hairline, creating a seamless transition. This service ensures that your wig remains undetectable, leaving you with a confident and authentically beautiful look.
— $25 – $45

Wig Maintenance (20 min) – Our skilled professionals provide essential care, which may include cleaning, restyling, and minor adjustments to keep your wig in top-notch condition. Maintain the quality and appearance of your wig with ease and convenience.
— $25 – $45


Ceramic Fusion Silk Press – We use advanced ceramic technology to fuse the strands, leaving your hair flawlessly sleek, shiny, and frizz-free. Whether you’re aiming for a temporary transformation or a long-lasting sleek look, this service is the key to achieving hair perfection.
— $75 – $85 and up depending on density

Blow Dry – We use professional techniques and tools to create a flawless, salon-quality look. Whether you’re looking for a smooth and polished appearance or want to add volume and bounce, our Blow Dry service is the finishing touch you need to look your best.
— $25-$45

Wash – We use high-quality products to nourish and pamper your hair, ensuring that it looks and feels its best. Our Wash Hair service is the foundation of a healthy and stunning haircare routine.
— $20 – $25

Weave Removal (30 Min) – Our skilled professionals will gently remove your extensions or weave, leaving your hair free, refreshed, and ready for your next style.
— $40 – $60

Detangling – Our skilled team will gently and meticulously work through your hair to remove knots and tangles, leaving your locks smooth and manageable. Whether you’re preparing for a new hairstyle or simply want to maintain the health of your hair, our Detangling service is the key to effortless beauty.
— $35 per hour