Juice fast update

Well , the juice started off surprisingly well _ i was shocked that i wasn’t running to the fridge every hour. But now as I’m near the end, I’m dreaming of fried  sweet plantain with some baked turkey wings. No worries i will not succumb to my temptation

I decided to give juice fast a go to to shed some pounds because i was inspired by one of my client experience. Turns out , having a supportive group like heartsmart is key to staying on track. I have  been at it for almost three years now, meeting weekly, diving into books, and having our trusty ambassadors keeping us in line .

On a lighter note, while we haven’t exactly turned our meetings into hair salon sessions, it’s funny  to think that a juicer detox might have benefits beyond the scale- like saving us from some hair issues like dry hair, dry scalp , dandruff, etc ..

While it may not be the ultimate answer for everyone , its certainly a step in the right direction.

 Below are a few links for those interested in learning more about how to embark on this journey.