Journey to Hair Growth

On a lazy Saturday, I found myself touching my scalp and realized it was looking a bit thin. Concerned, I recruited my younger son as the unofficial family photographer to capture the barren landscape on my head. To my horror, it looked like my hair had taken a vacation without informing me. Stress, my loyal companion, was probably the culprit, but who has time to deal with that when you’re running a  hair salon?

Being a hair stylist, you’d think I’d give my hair more attention, but nope—I was too busy juggling business and life responsibilities. Weight management, another stress of mine, always creeps in the background. So, I stumbled upon the “30-Day Smoothie Challenge,” a program promising a slender physique through  natural pills and smoothies..   . 

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle , I remembered  one of my team members raving about beet juice.I always dealt with low iron deficiency . so i figured i will incorporate into my smoothie. The goal was to lose some pounds by focusing on eating better . once i started planning my meal and making smoothies,. I saw a difference in my energy and my weight. But the unexpected reward was the growth in the middle of my scalp. Who knew beets would be the answer to my prtoblems

Thrilled withe unexpected bonus  I delved into some  research and I stumbled on a trichology program that focuses on a holistic approach to hair growth.I got so excited and enrolled in the program.This was what i have been searching for the longest. 

You know in a way  food has an impact on our health but we don’t realize that food can also be healing to our body. For the next few months I will be sharing some of the things I have learned . follow us  on the holistic approach to hair on facebook to learn more about heathy hair from the inside out