Detox Diaries: Juicing My Way to Health, Happiness, and Happy Hair

So, it’s a brand new year – new resolutions, new dreams, and of course, the same old me trying to shed those extra pounds. This year, I’m swearing to myself that I’ll eat better, run a tighter ship with my business, and just generally stay on the straight and narrow.

Guess what? I’ve signed up for a juicing detox challenge with my squad, the HeartSmarts crew, led by the one and only Dr.Naa-Solo Tettey. Last year, we did a 30-day raw food challenge, and I lasted a solid 21 days. Shockingly, I kinda liked it – less hunger, more energy But then, bam! The holidays hit, and I returned to my good ol’ overeating ways, bringing back the weight I had bid farewell to. Now, in the wonderful world of HeartSmarts, our homework is to dive into “Cleanse to Heal” by Anthony William. It’s a hefty book, so I opted for the audiobook – multitasking at its finest. The book spills the beans on how our Western lifestyle bombards us with toxins that mess with our guts and immune systems. Detoxing is the superhero move to get rid of these baddies and let our bodies soak up nutrients like a sponge. You’re probably thinking, “What does all this have to do with hair? Is this just a quirky diary entry?” Well, here’s the scoop: I’ve had a few clients battling hair issues – the whole hair loss, thinning, and dandruff drama. You’ve got two choices in the ring: prescription meds from the doc or the holistic route. Me? I’m Team Holistic. Meds work for some, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if the doc says, “it’s all good!” based on blood tests, there’s more to the story.

Despite knowing better, I occasionally moonwalk back into my old habits. But thanks to HeartSmarts and my trichology class (fancy word for hair science), I’ve learned to play detective with my own body. If you’re itching to understand your body better, I’ve got some rad book suggestions ( clean gut by Alejandro junger, md fiber fueled by will bulsiewicz md , A silent fire by shilpa Ravella). And if you’re in need of a cheer squad for positive changes, check out HeartSmarts. Your hair will give you a standing ovation. Stay tuned for the hilarity of my 40-day juice detox journey!