Advice and Tips for Luscious Locs: Fall Edition

With the changing season, it’s important to adapt your hair care routine to keep your locs and hair looking their best. Here are some expert tips to maintain healthy and vibrant hair this fall

Nourishing Beauty: The Vital Connection Between Quality Products and a Healthy Nutritional Diet

In our pursuit of well-being and vitality, we often encounter an overwhelming array of beauty products promising miraculous transformations. However, while external care is undoubtedly essential, we must not overlook the profound impact of a healthy nutritional diet. In this blog, we will explore the symbiotic relationship between using quality products and maintaining a balanced diet for achieving true beauty from within.

How To Do Flat Twist - EASY Tutorial! || Natural Hair

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Sprouts: Nature's Secret for Luscious, Healthy Hair

When it comes to achieving luscious and healthy hair, we often turn to expensive hair care products and treatments. However, nature provides us with a simple yet effective solution right at our fingertips…

Holistic Approach on Hair Ep.7 - Hair Growth

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Holistic Approach on Hair Ep.8 - Food Scientist | We Make Natural Hair Easy

Today I had the honor to interview Margaret haven who is a food scientist. She has many years in the hair industry from the manufacturing side of the industry. in the video, she talks about her view on the holistic approach to hair. You can check out her website at

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How to:Loc Detox and Cleaning - EASY Tutorial! || Natural Hair |
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Liya's Loc Journey - Holistic Approach on Hair Ep.9 | We Make Natural Hair Easy

I had the pleasure to interview Liya, a client of mine who is an artist currently working on her first single. In this video, she talked about how her culture does not accept locs, why she decided to loc her hair ,the challenges she faced, and how being locked helps her to become more authentic with her true self.

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Djea Organic Product | Natural Hair Product from Ivory Coast

Djea’s organic products contain carefully selected ingredients from Ivory Coast to guarantee deep hydration and nourishment of your hair, face and body. Pure oils and essential oils will enhance your natural beauty and well-being. Handmade in small batches in – Conyers, Georgia – USA.

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